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Dr Robert Fullick - ABC in the News


"I had already made a decision on a surgeon and a doctor recommended Dr. Fullick so I went with my daughter's recommendation that we see another doctor for an opion and boy am I glad I did. I can't say enought good things about Dr. Fullick. Being 70 years old I was a little skeptical about having a reverse shoulder replacement but as Dr. Fullick said it was in bad condition. Everything went smoothly and I am doing well. Wish I hadn't waited so long." ~ Barbara Shrader


Dr Fullick is the best!
I'm 50 yrs old and an x bodybuilder so I had plenty of damage to my shoulder. Dr Fullick repair my right shoulder and bicep tendon 1 1/2 yrs ago. I had 5 anchors put in. After consulting with a few surgeons that told be I might need a replacement because of the severity of the damage I meet with Dr fullick. He told be he thought he could fix it. Well 1 1/2 yrs later I have full range of motion and can do everything I could when I was 20yrs old. The reason I'm writing this review is I'm 5 week post op from the left shoulder that I tore 2 rotor cuff tendons off the bone.( 4 anchors in this one) Dr fullick did the surgery for this one also, and I'm doing great almost full range of motion and my P.T guy cant believe my range of motion 5 weeks later. I think you could have good luck with a doctor repairing your shoulder, but Dr Fullick is 2 for 2 on massive repairs.( That's not luck) that's a great shoulder doctor that knows what he's doing. The pain from shoulder surgery is not fun in anyway but it's worth it when you can recover and get back to full activities. Dr fullick I surely do appreciate you. god bless you keep up the awesome work! ~ Al Bloodworth


Not sure why I waited so long but Dr. Fullick is one of the best doctors/surgeons I have seen hands down. After having nearly lost my arm due to the very poor care and follow up from a major orthopedic group, Dr. Fullick squeezed me in immediately. It took more than one surgery to undo the damage and ultimately there was no part of my shoulder that could be saved, but Dr. Fullick explained every step of every procedure ahead of time. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns and his staff was friendly and courteous. When I developed an infection in my surgical sight, Dr. Fullick spent time on the phone with both myself and my family members and was there imnediately the following morning in the OR do everything necessary to make sure that I would not loose my arm. Had it been left to the previous team, I would not be typing with 2 hands right now! I would highly recommend Dr. Fullick to anyone! ~ shannon covington


Dr Fullick is the best Orthopedic Surgion in Texas. He knew what was wrong with my left shoulder before the MRI provided proof he was right. ~ Richard Brandon